Maras | Tenants Referencing Service
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Tenant referencing service

Our Tenant referencing is in partnership with Experian – global credit information provider and FTSE100 Company, to provide you with an in-depth view on prospective tenants and guarantors.

  • Experian have more than 30 years’ experience, process more than 1.5 million credit reports each week and conduct over 60% of credit searches in the UK
  • They use the latest technology and analysis techniques to deliver comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information about prospective tenants and guarantors
  • We give you direct access to Experian’s expert UK based call centre for all your tenant referencing queries
  • Fully online referencing that reduces the risk of errors and delays
  • 70% of comprehensive reports are returned within 48 hours
  • There’s a free Right to Rent support service
  • You’ll benefit from integrated insurance referral options for your landlords and tenants.

Reference types

Instant reference

Credit checks look at all the credit data available on your applicant, including an address search and identity check, details of County Court Judgements, voluntary arrangements on any debts, bankruptcy orders, and insolvency actions.

Comprehensive reference

For more detail, you can also get a full reference, where in addition to our instant checks, Experian will contact employers, pension providers or accountants to make sure the tenant will be able to afford their rent, and contact current landlords or agents about their rental history. Typically this takes just two working days.

We’re so confident in Experian’s references that we’ll offer you or your landlord our Rent guarantee and Legal expenses insurance once the tenants have met our requirements.